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Network Solutions

The Network is an integral part of a business in a fast changing world leveraging technology. In order to meet customer expectations and respond to an ever-changing competitive landscape  it is imperative that businesses deploy a scalable, agile and cost-effective network infrastructure. Lemuel Technologies delivers world class network solutions to help achieve this. Our personnel are experienced and possess the requisite knowledge in delivering solutions that are designed in-line with the customer’s business objectives.

We know how important it is that these assets remain available all the time and as a result we take time to train designated personnel from our clients on the intricacies of maintaining the solutions we deploy and how to troubleshoot challenges when they arise in order to achieve maximum uptime for your network infrastructure.

Collaboration Solutions

The way we work has changed and is still evolving the world over with businesses valuing effective team communication more than ever. In order to achieve this it is important that businesses invest in easier to use collaboration solutions that facilitate communications within the enterprise as well as with external parties. We design and deploy integrated end-to-end scalable solutions for unified communications, customer care and conferencing to help businesses communicate ubiquitously from any device.

Information Security

Data in any form is valuable and critical to the business, so it is essential that we maintain information security. In doing so the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data must be assured at all times. This is what we help our customers achieve via the solutions we deploy, via our risk assessments and continuous evaluation of our client’s information security assets. Our solutions help to simplify the complexity of security as we help businesses secure their assets while simultaneously boosting IT productivity.

At Lemuel technologies securing your assets is not an afterthought, but what we do.

Software Solution

LEMUEL TECHNOLOGIES proffers software based solutions that enable organizations to run their internal operations free of hassles so that they can concentrate on managing and scaling their business rather than devising solutions.

Our group of talented programmers design custom applications using cutting-edge delivery systems. We implement software solutions that cater for businesses of all sizes; from small and medium enterprises to large corporations and multinational organizations. We endeavor to deploy or design solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing client platforms.

Digital Consultancy

Today mobile, analytics, social media, sensors, and cloud computing have already disrupted the the entire business landscape as we know it highlighting to us the power of DIGITAL, and this includes your industry. As a result businesses continually waste valuable resources implementing digital technologies and running digital campaigns in a futile attempt to react/prepare for an industry disruption by an existing competitor or a start-up. With the appropriate strategy you can react effectively to digital disruption or more importantly become a disruptor yourself.

At Lemuel technologies we help you develop your digital strategy to drive higher levels of profit, enhance performance across board and increase productivity as well as recommend, design and implement the technology, and processes required to achieve your digital transformation.