LEMUEL TECHNOLOGIES an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) service provider focused on delivering ICT solutions that enhance productivity, and maximize ROI.
We have the capacity to implement diverse technology solutions for businesses and corporate entities across diversified industries.
Why Us
As experts in the ICT industry, it is our goal to leverage our expertise to add value to our clients by proffering IT solutions that enhance security, communications, and internal operations.
Our ability to deliver knowledge-based solutions towards solving complex business challenges is our unique selling point.
How We Work
Our solutions are all-inclusive; we design and install network infrastructure; we implement software solutions for the enterprise; train your personnel in the rudiments of ICT infrastructure management. Besides proffering solution for IT needs of organizations, post-installation support is pertinent to the success of any technology-based project. Therefore, we offer support services focused on supporting the client’s mission and not just the solution.

"Our mission is to add value to our clients by implementing business transformative solutions through our retinue of technology related services."

What We Do
Network Solutions
he Network is an integral part of a business in a fast changing world leveraging technology. In order to meet customer expectations and respond to an ever-changing competitive landscape  it is imperative that businesses deploy a scalable, agile and cost-effective network infrastructure.
Collaboration Solutions
The way we work has changed and is still evolving the world over with businesses valuing effective team communication more than ever. In order to achieve this it is important that businesses invest in easier to use collaboration solutions that facilitate communications within the enterprise as well as with external parties.
Information Security
Data in any form is valuable and critical to the business, so it is essential that we maintain information security. In doing so the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data must be assured at all times.
Software Solution
LEMUEL TECHNOLOGIES proffers software based solutions that enable organizations to run their internal operations free of hassles so that they can concentrate on managing and scaling their business rather than devising solutions.
Strategic Partnerships

"Our vision is to set a benchmark for quality service and assume leadership in the field of Information and Communication Technology in Africa"